Research Papers
& Book Chapters
(editorial board or peer reviewed)

"Contemporary Indian English Poetry: An Australian Perspective" Summerhill IIAS Review Journal vol.xx, no.1 2014 Shimla, India. (Also in Novemeber 2016 Setu Magazine)

"Poets As Visionaries"
Middle Flight Literature Journal vol.5 no.1 Nov 2016. Keshpur, Paschim Medinipur (also in IJML July 2016)

"Poetry For A Better World: A Critical Look at the Poetry of K.V. Dominic"
Harle R Chapter 9 in Philosophical Musings for A Meaningful Life (ed) Dr S. Kumaran. Modern History Press, 2016

"The Enigmatic Poetry of PCK Prem"
Harle. R in
"PCK Prem: Echoing Time & Civilisations" (ed.) Rob Harle; Sunil Sharma; Sangeeta Sharma. Authorspress, New Delhi, India. 2015

"Kant and Aquinas: Regarding the Transcendence of Reason"
Harle, R. Episteme Journal, Mumbai, India. Sept. 2015

"Gateways To The Universe: Mandalas by Sandra Joran"
Harle, R. Episteme Journal, Mumbai, India. Sept 2015

"Textual Hermeneutics: A Critical Investigation"
 Harle, R. The Golden Line: A Magazine of English Literature. Inaugural Issue, December 2014 vol. 1. no. 1 Bhatter College, Dantan, India.

"Textual Hermeneutics: A Critical Investigation"  Harle, R. Mitijell Journal. India 2014

"The Possibility of Creating a Conscious Entity: A Humanities Perspective"
Harle. R.F. 2014 Sept. Modern Research Studies: International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences vol. 1, Issue # 2, Argartala, India.

"Mandala Power: The Mandalas Of Sandra Joran"
Harle. R.F. June 2014 Episteme Journal vol.3 no.1, Mumbai, India

"Religious Fundamentalism: Root Causes"
Harle. R.F. May 2014. Indian Periodical, India

"Was Shakespeare An Existential Wimp?
Harle, R.F. 2013 Rupkatha Journal vol. 5  no. 2  
Kolkata, India

"The Dreamtime, Christianity and Hinduism: A Brief Comparison" Harle, R.F. 2013 Episteme Journal vol. 2  no. 2
Bharat College, University of Mumbai

"Superman, Joan of Arc and Jesus: Transgressive or Traditional Heroes"  
Harle, R.F. 2013 Episteme Journal vol. 2  no.1
Bharat College, University of Mumbai

"Creativity, Chance and the Role of the Unconscious in the Creation of Original Art and Literature"
Harle, R.F. 2009  
Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research. University of Plymouth, UK.  vol. 8 no.3 2011

"Chaos, Archetypes, and the All-integrating Field"
Harle, R.F. (Together with being selected Artist of the Year). vol.14 no.1 2010. Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences. Journal of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences. Marquette University WI.

"Biobehavioural Basis of Art"
Harle, R.F. (Revised version 2008)  Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research. University of Plymouth, UK.
  vol. 6 no.3, 2008

"The Dichotomy of Reality"
YLEM Journal. Harle, R.F. (Guest Editor) vol.27 Nos. 10 & 12 Sept/Dec 2007. Journal of YLEM Society, Artists Using Science & Technology. San Francisco, CA.

"The Gift of Dyslexia: Paintings by Leigh Arnold
Harle, R.F. 2007 Hyperseeing: Journal of The International Society for the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture. September 2007

"Disembodied Consciousness & The Transcendence of the Limitations of the Biological Body"
Harle, R.F. 2007  Janus Head 
Journal. Special Issue - "Situated Body" (Winter 2006/07) Trivium Publications, New York.

"Virtual Therapy"
Harle, R.F. 2004. Hospital Development Journal, Dec 20 2004. Wilmington Publishing, UK.

"technoMetamorphosis and Art Practice"
  Harle. R. F. 2003. Australian Network for Art and Technology, no. 54. September 2003.
Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities vol. 3 no. 2 2011

"Cyborgs: Uploading & Immortality. Some Serious Concerns"  Harle, R. F. 2001. Sophia International.  vol. 41 no.2 November 2002. Ashgate Publishers          

"Biobehavioural Basis of Art"
, Harle, R. F. 1999. (Requested by Library, Centre for Darwinism, University of Brazil for reference archive)

"DJI&FT30 - The Findings"
McMinn, D. & Harle, R. F. in, "Financial Crises & The 56 Year Cycle". McMinn, D. 1995.

"The 56 Year Cycle Additional Considerations"
McMinn, D. & Harle, R. F. in, The Australian Technical Analysts Association. May 1995.

"Mayoral ‘Think Tank’
, Survey Design & Statistical Analysis
", for Lismore City Council 1993.
Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities vol. 3 no. 2 2011


"Indifaring Muse" An Anthology of Poems Volume 2. 2018 Vishwabharati Research Centre, India

“Along The Shore: Poems of the Sea” An anthology May 2017 by Selected International Poets

"Setu Magazine" various issues.

"Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016: International Multilingual Poetry Anthology"  
2016 Cultural Centre of Vijayawada & Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, India. (poem)

"Winds Of Infinity: Poems Of Transcendence"
by Rob Harle
2016 Cyberwit, India.

"Searching For The Sublime: Poems From Australia & India" (ed.) Rob Harle & Jaydeep Saranagi, 2016 Cyberwit, India.

"Temptation" Lost Tower Publications, 2016 (poem)

"World Poetry Yearbook"
(ed.) Zhang Zhi & Lai Tingjie 2014, China, May 2015
. (2 poems and book review)

"The Art of Being Human. Who Am I? An Anthology of International Poetry" (ed.) Voicu, D. & Wrixon, B. Canada, 2015. (3 poems and artwork for front covers of Vol. 9 – 14-15)

(ed.)  DC Chambial  India, July 2015; July  2016; January 2017 (poems)

"The Land: Poems From Australia & India
(ed.) Rob Harle & Jaydeep Saranagi, 2015 Cyberwit, India.

"Voices Across Generations"
(ed.) Rob Harle March 2014 Authorspress, Delhi, India.

"Ars Artium"
February 2015 (ed) V.K.Roy (2 poems)

"World Anthology of Poems on Global Harmony and Peace"
January 2015  (ed.) Sushma Gandhi Devayani. Gobal Fraternity of Poets Gurgaon, India. (three poems)

"Homeward Bound: Poems From Australia & India"
January 2015
(ed.) Rob Harle & Jaydeep Sarangi, 2015 Cyberwit, India

"Taj Mahal Review"
June 2014; January 2015; January 2016 Cyberwit, India. (Poetry and artwork)

"Voices Across The Ocean: Poems From Australia & India"
(ed.) Rob Harle & Jaydeep Sarangi, 2014 Cyberwit, India

"The Art Of Being Human: Volume 9"
An Anthology of International Poetry (ed.) Daniela Voicu & Brian Wrixon 2014 Blurb Books, Canada. (Includes my poetry and front cover artwork)

"Synthesis: The International Duet-Poetry Anthology"
2014 by, India (poetry herein).

"Anthesis: 9th International  English Poetry Collection"  2014 by, India (poetry herein).

"Lingayas International Refereed Journal of English Language and  Literature"
Jan. 2014 Issue 1, India. (poetry)

"Muse India"
March, 2014, India. (Four poems)

"Episteme Journal"
, March 2014 vol.2 no. 4, Mumbai India
. (Three poems) also Dec 2014 ( 3 poems)

"International Journal Of Multicultural Literature"
(ed.) K.V. Dominic Jan. 2014 vol. 4. no. 1 Kerala, India  (Three poems)

"Building Bridges:  Poems From Australia & India" (ed.) Rob Harle  2013 Cyberwit, India

"Asian Signature"  India 2013

"Rhyme With Reason" Anthology 
by Poets With Voices Strong Published by Brian Wrixon Books, Canada 2013

"Episteme Journal"
vol. 2  no.2  (ed. Dr Sunil Sharma) Poetry, essay & historical photos of Bombay

"Indo-Australian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry"
(ed. Sharma, S. and Harle, R.) Published by Authorspress Aug. 2013

"Poetic Connections: Poems From Australia and India"
(ed. Lonsdale, T.) Anthology published by cyberwit July 2013

"Episteme Journal" vol.2 no.1, (ed. Dr Sunil Sharma) Poetry and essay

"Mechanisms Of Desire"
my second volume of poetry, published 2012

"Rupkatha Journal" Contemporary Poetry In English vol. 3. no. 2, 2011

"Footnotes" - Anthology, (ed. Edwards, B.) Deakin Literary Society, 1999.

"North Coast Poets" - Anthology
(ed. Barclay, P. An Anthology, 1997

"Scratches and Deeper Wounds", my first volume of poetry, published 1996

Nimbin News
Deakin University’s Philosophy Newsletter
Planet Magazine
Numerous Newspapers, especially  Nimbin Good Times
eyond The Rainbow
- most issues, ongoing


“The Indigenous Voice of Poetomachia: The Various Perspectives of Textuality and Performance ed. Robert Masterson & Sayan Dey Februray 2018 Cambridge Scholars Press Wrote the Introduction

“Along The Way” Poetry by Sangeeta Sharma Authorspress New Delhi 2017 Wrote the Preface.

“Philip Roth: His Dystopian Future” by Nidhi Sharma Authorspress New Celhi 2016 Wrote the Foreword

"Eco Sensibilities: Finding Path To Harmony” ed. Praveen Kumar Anshuman & Sanjay Verma Shree Publications 2017.
Wrote the  Foreword

"Writers In Conversation: In Conversation with D.C.Chambial" January 2017 by Harle, R.  Flinders University, South Australia.

"Rob Harle In Converstaion with Selwyn Rodda"
Setu Magazine Decemeber 2016

"PCK Prem: Echoing Time & Civilisations"
(ed.) Rob Harle; Sunil Sharma; Sangeeta Sharma. Authorspress, New Delhi, India. 2015 (wrote the Preface, an essay and co-edited the book)

"Writers In Conversation: In Conversation with Vijay Kumar Roy
by Harle, R.  Flinders University, South Australia. vol. 2 no. 2
August. 2015

"The Ontology of Desire" by Hamid, India, 2015. (wrote the Introduction)

"Writers In Conversation: In Conversation with Rob Harle" 
by Dr. Sunil Sharma. Flinders University, South Australia. vol. 1 no. 1
Feb.. 2014

"One Artist: Two Perspectives on Rob Harle"
(a) by Sandra Joran (b) by L.J. Clark. Episteme Journal, March 2014 vol.2 no. 4
Mumbai India

"VIEW: Voices Of The Indian English Writers"  
Art-talk with Rob Harle by Sunil Sharma  vol.1 Issue 1, 2013, India.

"The Unseen Rob Harle"
by Sunil Sharma Boloji Nov. 2013

"In Conversation With Prof. Dr. Sunil Sharma
by Rob Harle Boloji Oct. 2013

"International Award For Services To Art"
Bestowed by Authorspress, India. Dec. 2013

"Jaydeep Sarangi in Conversation with Rob Harle"
Middle Flight. SSM Journal of English Literature & Culture
vol. 2 no. 1 October 2013
(With a poem)

"Tolerant India" by Shujaat Hussain 2013. (I wrote the Foreword)

"Withering Memories"  &  Look Back At The Longing Hills" by Prasanna Sree 2013. (I wrote the Foreword to both books.)

"Jaydeep Sarangi in Conversation with Rob Harle" Lakeview. International
Journal of Literature & Arts vol. 1 no. 2 August 2013

"The Clock and Other Poems"
by Diane Hosking, 2004 
[Complete editorial and graphic design ready for publication]

"The Fish Murders" by Suzanne Visser, 2005
[Engaged to edit and first-round proof read this novel from a poor translation]

"Mandalas Symbols of Harmony and Peace" by Sandra Rix Joran, 2006
[Complete editorial and graphic design ready for publication, including writing
the Introductory Essay]

"Transfiguration & Garlic Prawns" in Lirjell (Lingayas University, India) February 2015

"Indo-Australian Anthology of Short Fiction"
(ed. Rob Harle, Sunil Sharma & Sangeeta Sharma) 2014 Authorspress, India

"New Fiction Journal"  
(ed.) Dr Jaydeep Sarangi  March 2014. vol. 4 2013. India.

"The Secret Waterhole"  
Children's Story, Australian Women's Weekly, 1979

"Holiday At Uncle Bob's Farm" Children's Story, Grass Roots Magazine,

"The Future Is Now" Short story, Nimbin Magazine, 1997

"The Pawnbroker’s Shop"
(ed. Edwards, B.) Deakin Literary Society, 1998

"The Promise" Planet Magazine, Deakin University

Numerous articles in such magazines such as Grass Roots, Simply Living, Nimbin News, specialist magazines and regular newspaper columns -  listed below a selection.

"Shelter News: Ferro-Cement" Simply Living Magazine, 1977

"Building Tomorrow's Shelters" Simply Living Magazine, no. 8, 1979

"Thoughts On Building" Owner Builder Magazine no. 6, 1982

"Spiritual Renaissance" Astrological Monthly Review, June, 1994

"Chiron = The Paradox" Astrological Monthly Review, August, 1994

"Religious Fundamentalism" Nimbin Magazine

"The Constitution, Religious Intolerance and Voluntary Euthanasia" Nimbin Magazine, 2003

"Risky Business: Chemicals Who Decides?" Nimbin Magazine April, 2005

"Astrological Anomalies"
Nimbin Magazine August, 2005

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