The images in the following digital art galleries are a representative
selection of my current digital artwork.

My past work has mainly been concerned with the relationship between humans 
and high-body technologies (cyborgs, androids, AI). It explored the transition from 
human to posthuman, a phenomenon I call the technoMetamorphosis of humanity. 
A  more urgent crisis is looming which I can no longer ignore.

 The natural world and its inhabitants that cannot speak directly has been important 
to me since I was very young. I cannot sit back, Epsilon-like, and let the greed
of the mindless neo-capitalists destroy that which they barley perceive.

This is our only home! 

The global problems of social inequality, environmental destruction and mind 
manipulation are increasing rapidly, when they should, by now, be almost 
non-existent. My great-grandmother wrote poems about this in 1889!

As a creative person I see my role more and more as a peaceful, social activist 
working with words, metaphor and visual images to help save the natural world 
from imminent extinction.